Icheon Rice Culture Festival – Interactive


FESTIVAL HOME PAGE. The goal of the website was to create a welcoming web portal where people young and old 
would be able to find information about the festival. Using the same colours as the festival poster, the design was modified to hold content in a fun yet easy-to-follow format. For tablet devices, the website would be responsive and adjust to the size and orientation of the viewing device. Accented by the rice plants and water originally from the poster, it presents this festival about being green and reliving past agricultural practices in a fun and family friendly way.


SMART PHONE APPLICATION. The goal for this application/mobile homepage was to create a user interface that would be easy to navigate for someone who will be attending the festival, primarily parents and children who need information or a map at the event. Maintaining a consistent look and feel with the colours and elements used in the festival identity, the “map” button was added to the application as a primary feature.


Paper prototyping and UX/UI testing with a parent reveals the need for one-handed navigation.

Testing with a child to determine comprehension, reach and range of movement.

iPhone mockup and accompanying notes.